My Configuration for Voice Effects in Second Life (Mac OSX)

by Erzsabet Bergbahn (Updated Mach 9, 2011 -- IM me if you found a better or an easier way!!)

Seems silly that in a world where you can be a dragon or a chipmonk, that you have to have use your own voice! While I would love full sound editing features in the client, I have a found a way to use GarageBand's voice changing effect and direct the result to SecondLife. (The screen caputures are of the '09 version of GarageBand, but hopefully it will be essentailly the same in newer versions)

  1. Download SoundFlower (free) and the SL Viewer or SL Alternate Viewers like Phoenix Viewer

  2. Install SoundFlower (to be safe, you may wish to Restart the computer, just to make sure all the drivers are loaded up and ready to go)

  3. If you want to hear your mod voice, start (1.5.2 is the current verion of the SoundflowerBed application, the ktext extension is version 1.2.1. The extension does all the work, and the SoundflowerBed application will help us hear our voice mod. SoundflowerBed doesn't have to be running to have your voice mod sent to SL or Skype).

    The SoundflowerBed application will add a dark flower to the top of your Mac OSX menubar. Click it to see the menu, and select your headphones (mine is from Turtle Beach) and you will eventually hear your moded voice from GarageBand!

  4. Configure GarageBand: In Preferences (Cmd-comma) under the "Audio/MIDI" tab, select SoundFlower for output, and select the microphone you're using (mine is from Turtle Beach) for input

  5. Make a new Project (Cmd-N) Select "Voice", Press the "Choose" button

  6. Give it a Name like "Chipmonk Voice", Press the "Create" button

  7. Select either the "Male Basic" or "Female Basic" Instrument Track (If you want to delete the other one, select it the choose from the "Track" menu: "Delete"). Later on you will make modifications to the track's effects and it will show the name you saved it rather than "Male Basic" or "Female Basic".

  8. Make sure the red dot is on to enable recording (and, optionally, the earphones for solo track). If it doesn't let you, turn off the red dot on the other track--it only allows one at a time. We won't actully be recording, we are only going to monitor the track and send it to SoundFlower.

  9. On the right, click on the "Browse" tab (if it isn't already selected) and make sure your Monitor is set to On, and the Input Source is your microphone (mine is the Stereo 1/2 (TurtleBeach USB) )

  10. Now select the "Edit" tab to manipulate the voice track

  11. Select the Vocal Effects you want, like "Vocal transformer". You can play with the settings more later, and have up to six effects (the blue button on the left turns an effect on and off)

  12. Select a "Vocal transformer" effect, Like "Chipmonk".

    You can also make effects by selecting "Manual", and click the settings button (on the immediate left when you hover over it) to get the settings dialog box--- setting the pitch, for example). Be sure to Save your changes with the "Save Instrument" button on the lower right.

  13. In the SL Viewer, select Edit Preferences, Select the Voice Chat tab, the press the Device Settings button. Select "SoundFlower" for Audio input and "default" for output (you can select your Skype to get the microphone input from SoundFlower too!)

    If you don't like SL's in world voice chat, you can configure Skype to get the microphone input from SoundFlower too! In Skype Preferences, under the the "Audio/Video" tab, select "Sound Flower" for your microphone input.

  14. Now that you can hear your moded voice, Click the "Edit" tab again and play with the echo and reverb levels and other effects (Don't forget to save the project with Cmd-S, and "Save Instrument" to save the effects settings).

    Have fun with your new AV's voice!

  15. After you have your moded voice the way you want it, you might find hearing your own moded voice distracting-- If so, turn off the SoundflowerBed. Select "None (OFF)" this will only turn off the voice coming through your headphones, it has no effect on GarageBand--it will still send the moded voice on the SoundFlower virtual device, you just won't hear it.

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