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Minimum Number of Subjects for 1 - stable since 27 May 13:49 SLT

Example: Baron Alec Pikkara has 4 personal acres of land. If at least 3 of his subjects are peasants, how many subjects must he have at the very least?

Rank of leige:

Personal acres of Leige:

and has at least:

of the subjects are of rank:

Leige has at least

Minimum Number of Subjects for 2 - updated 31 May 15:52 SLT

Example: A Baron has 20 personal acres. If his subjects consist entirely of Peasants and Squires --how many subjects at the very least?

The answer explains my logic ... but it doesn't appear to answer what is being asked...but it seems to work if you say one less! In the example below the correct answer was 1--so i guess the subject was both a Peasant AND a Squire!... please let me know if you figure out this question!

Rank of leige:

Personal acres of Leige:

Ranks of Subjects:



LARGEST Number of Subjects of a certain Rank (20 June 2008)

Example: Dame Anastisia Miltilde has 13 personal acres of land. If her 2 subjects include only peasants AND/OR squires, what is the largest number that can be squires?
Rank of leige:

Personal acres of Leige: Total Number of subjects:
Ranks of Subjects:

and you want to know the largest number of:


Time Needed to Exceed So Many Acres - stable since 24 May 01:06 SLT

Example: A Viscount has 50 acres. He gains 23 acres each month and loses 19 the month after. At this rate, how long will it take to exceed 100 acres?
Acres currently:
Gains in a month:
Loses next month:
Goal (# to excede):
Requires: months

Heads Wings and Legs - No complaints so far

Example: 11 heads, 6 wings, 18 legs. How many birds, cats and snakes?

Females count! - updated 24 May 00:08 SLT

Example 1: 3 of your cows each give birth to 2 calves. There are twice as many female calves as male. How many female cows have you now?
Example 2: 4 of your hen each give birth to 2 chicks (So chickens precede eggs!!). There are 3 times as many male chicks than female. How many female chickens?
Number of females giving birth:
Number of young each:
times more
total born:
total male young:
total female young:
total female: